Hollywood Smile

A Glistening, Healthy Smile

cosmetic dental toronto“Summer naturally has a generous and inviting smile,” explains Dr. David Gardner BSc, DDS, a family and Toronto cosmetic dentist at Gardner Dental Centre, “however that means any small problems with color and crowding are on full display. She had minor tooth rotation and crowding, and some of her teeth were a little out of proportion compared to the others. Her teeth were also a bit darker than the ideal range of color.”

Hollywood Smile ($700)

cosmetic dental torontoDr. Gardner provides Summer with what he calls the $700 Hollywood Smile., an alternative to an extensive full-on cosmetic makeover that is much more costly. This approach results in maximum improvement of a smile in the shortest time for the lowest price and represents tremendous value for the money. The process involved adjusting misalignments and asymmetries in the teeth to create symmetry and beauty. This was done through detailed shaping and recontouring of the teeth, resulting in rebalancing and realignment of the smile. This was followed by a take-home bleaching treatment with extra bleach to push the color of her teeth into the optimal range.

The trick is to push the color to the maximum that’s believable and radiant. “Summer was the ideal candidate for this procedure because she had her teeth cleaned recently and displayed excellent oral hygiene with healthy gums,” says Dr. Gardner. She also didn’t have a lot of old fillings or caps, which helps to achieve better whitening results. This process involves no downtime, and Summer can maintain the results indefinitely by following up with minor bleaching touch-ups at home that only take 30 minutes each time to do. After teeth whitening, one can experience tooth sensitivity due to dehydration of the teeth, but this can be managed very easily.