My name is Alma and I will be 52 years old. My life had changed dramatically since my husband had a stroke. Life is not so easy and there’s so many things to be considered emotionally, physically and mentally. Despite all of these things happened in the past two weeks, I still look after my health and my hygiene (oral). I did had a bad experience with my teeth, I had bleeding in my gums – brushing teeth every day is quite disturbing to see blood when I spit and gargle after brushing. Ever since I had a thorough cleaning I had a wonderful feeling that my gums are not bleeding (fresh and healthy). Every day I brush all the time and use oral care after I went to bed and also after breakfast. It made me comfortable and satisfied to know that my oral hygiene is taken care of. Today I feel so good that I did well. Thank you very much for looking after my teeth and being a wonderful provider in times of need. Again thank you very much for the job well done.

Alma, Age 52