On Tuesday, I was scheduled to have my first cavity filling. As an individual with a number of negative experiences with other professionals,

I was extremely apprehensive about this procedure. Everyone at the office was amazing – they were extremely supportive and made me feel at ease. Dr. Gardner provided me with a Valium prescription because he knew I was nervous – but because I truly felt that this would be a different experience I did not end up using the prescription.

When I came in the morning of my appointment, everyone in the office came to check up on me. Dr. Gardner was phenomenal! He answered all of my questions (I had many) and explained the entire procedure to me. The best thing about my experience was the extra time Dr. Gardner took to make sure that I would not feel any pain. He gave me three needles instead of two and kept me calm the entire time. After the freezing, the procedure was easy – again, Dr. Gardner explained every step.

I would like to thank everyone for being so amazing. Hopefully I do not have to have another filling again, but if I do I know it will be fine with Dr. Gardner and his team!

Heather, Age 23